We LOVE what we do.

Our expert team is here to guide you through every step of the home buying and selling process..

Your advocate. Your supporter. Your champion.

Your Real Estate Family.

To us, home is much more than a building with an address.

It's the place where you feel you belong.

Where you feel comfortable and safe.

Where the most important moments of each day happen.

And when you think of home, you likely think of family.

No one understands that better than us—a family who works together in real estate.

Thanks to our knowledge and years of experience, it has been our privilege to help hundreds of other families find that special place.

Our love for the people of Atlanta has moved us to push ourselves for our clients, no matter who they are. The result? We’ve become one of the top-selling and highest-rated real estate teams.

But it all comes from how we feel about each client we team up with: they’re unique, one of a kind, and deserve the best, no matter who they are. You might be one or a family of many. You may be more traditional or less conventional.

To us, you deserve a home that’s right for you and checks all the boxes.

So we put our whole heart into understanding exactly what you need and then pursue it with everything we have until we find it for you.

 Because nothing feels better than bringing you home.

Connie Carlson

 Associate Broker
Cell: 678-488-9646  [email protected]

Years in real estate: 19 years as a residential real estate agent.  30 years in the real estate industry

Hometown: Dyersville, Iowa - My uncle owned Field of Dreams left field.  My Dad planted that corn.  I grew up on a 3rd generation-family dairy farm.

Personal Motto: Live each day to its fullest potential.  Positively impact the lives of others.

If Connie tells you “no”, be assured that it’s for your own good.  As in, “No, don’t accept that offer. You can get more”. Or, “ No, we can find a better house that you’ll be happier with”.

In other words, “Don’t settle. You deserve better.”

And sometimes, that’s what a client needs to hear. Because real estate can be overwhelming. Connie understands that homebuying is the biggest investment most people make in their lives, and they’re not always sure they should hold out for what they want.  But that’s when you need someone like Connie. Someone who believes you’re worth getting what you deserve.

Connie and her family know what’s possible for you: they do their homework, have all the right systems in place, and access more data than NASA—all so you get the right offer or find the home that’s the perfect fit for you.

Because even though she adores creating innovative marketing and videos, building a stronger team, and growing her business as a family, that’s not what she truly loves the most.

She lives for exceeding her client’s expectations: being there to announce that their offer for their dream home was accepted or their house sold for more than they thought possible.

So don’t be surprised if you hear a “no” from Connie. It’s because she truly cares. And it’s a sign that she knows something even better is just around the corner.

Cassidy Orange

Cell 678-629-8949 [email protected]

Personal Motto: “Make every client feel like they’re my only client.”

There’s good service. There’s great service. There’s next-level service.  And then there’s the service you get from Cassidy.

As one client said, “I completely forgot that I’m not your only client.” 

And that’s her goal: making you feel like you’re the only person on earth when working with her. So how is she able to give such a high level of service day in, and day out? Because she loves working together with her family to help people.

Cassidy understands that her job is to guide a person in making a profoundly emotional decision. She knows how it feels as each day brings them closer to when a family leaves the house they grew up in. Or how hard it can be to navigate a market where waiting an hour separates the person getting their dream house from the person who misses out.

And that’s where Cassidy shines: doing everything possible to create a truly personal experience tailored to the client's exact needs.

Making them feel empowered to attain the future they choose.

Making them feel confident that they’re making the best decision.

All while making them feel like they’re her only client.

Dan Carlson

 Cell: 678-488-0101  [email protected]

Hometown: South Bend, IN

Favorite thing about the Carlson Orange Team: Creating new friendships while working with our clients 

Personal Motto: “Make the experience more than positive for our clients.”

Dan doesn’t like the word “transaction”, even though it’s so common in real estate.

It’s simply not how Dan feels about all that he does for a family.

That’s because Dan pours his heart into relationships. He truly comes to know and understand each unique family he helps: what each family member is hoping for, where the family came from, and where they want to go.

He then puts his blood, sweat, and tears into scouring the Atlanta area to find the perfect fit for them. Not just good, perfect. 

Dan goes the extra mile because he empathizes with how stressful it can be for a family to buy a home. So he goes above and beyond behind the scenes to make everything go smoothly, relieving the pressure from the family to make it a positive, fun experience.

Not only that, he’s also the one leading the charge the whole time, with more enthusiasm than anyone else—even though he’s working morning till night to make everything turn out perfect for them.

So to use a dry word like “transaction” to sum up everything he does just strips it bare of all the emotion, energy, and joy he puts into every family.

Rather, Dan uses the term it deserves an experience, one that leaves everyone smiling.

Matt Orange

 Cell: 404-451-0389  [email protected]

Hometown: Powder Springs, GA

Favorite thing about the Carlson Orange Team: They take on the best agents in the state, so the expectations are high and our clients know they will be getting the best service

Personal Motto: “Family First”

Matt loves Atlanta. And he knows it well.

He’s the guy you can ask where to park for the Braves game. Or where to get the best local food.

That’s because Matt prides himself as a true local. He cherishes this sense of community. To him, it’s a small town—despite it being a city made up of over 1 million people.

All of this translates to Matt treating people like they do in a small town.

He views each family he works with as unique, always worth the time it takes to truly get to know them. As if they’re going to be his new neighbors down the street.

Because to Matt, they are.

Thanks to Matt’s down-to-earth approachability and a never-give-up attitude, he’s able to achieve incredible results for his clients.

After truly discerning their wants and needs, he leaves no stone unturned in the pursuit of finding their perfect home: where they get to be a part of their ideal neighborhood or where they can send their child to the only school on their list.

Even though he goes above and beyond to exceed expectations, it’s all worth it to Matt.

Because what’s most important to him is what he gets to be a part of: a meaningful community where one family helps the other.


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