Step 1: Creating a Great First Impression

"You never get a second chance to make a first impression."  
That's why we believe you should spend more time preparing to go on the market so you spend less time on the market. The goal is to maximize the amount of money you sell your home for while still selling in the time frame you desire.

Pricing Your Home

Buyers are much savvier today than they used to be. They can research recent home sales, tax information, how much you paid for the property, etc. Buyers are subconsciously comparing the features of your home to other homes on the market (or recent sales).  As a result, a buyer will rarely pay more than market value.  Research has proven that the best marketing in the world can not overcome an overpriced listing.

Automated home value sites are rarely accurate.  That is why we will personally meet you in your home to see firsthand the features, upgrades, and renovations you've made.  We will then work with you to compare your home to recently sold properties.  Identify a price that will maximize your profit while selling in the time frame needed.

Home Staging

When it is time to sell, even the most beautiful home can benefit from staging to strategically enhance its appeal.  We can assist in the process by providing guidance on how and what to edit and recommend resources for any needed repairs.

We feel you should spend more time preparing your home BEFORE going on the market so you spend less time ON the market.  

The goal is to declutter, rearrange furniture, repair deferred maintenance and spruce up your home so it will appeal to the largest group of buyers.  

Best Paint Colors


90 Things You Can't Afforod to Neglect When Selling Your Home

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Professional Photography

Approximately, 93% of buyers say that they use the Internet to help find a home.  Today, more than ever, how your home is presented online is probably the most important marketing tool.  That's why we have professionals photograph every home we list for sale.  And we are picky too... we've partnered with some of the best photographers in Atlanta.  Our philosophy is to go "all out" when it comes to doing what it takes to sell your home.

Why Professional Pictures Are Important 


Advanced Equipment to Showcase Dark Rooms or Small Rooms

Our professional photographers have invested thousands of dollars into equipment so that they can compensate for dark rooms, small rooms, and very bright rooms.  

Twilight Photography

Does your property have unique landscape lighting or a special outdoor fireplace feature?  Then twilight photography may be a great way to highlight this attribute and help you stand out above your competition.  

It's very important that you work with a professional to get the twilight shots just right. Miss that golden hour and your photos will be too dark and will actually hurt your chances of selling.  We are picky about who we hire to take our twilight photos.  We employ the best photographers in the area. 

Drone Photography

Does your property have a feature that needs to be presented from above.  For instance, do you have an amazing backyard oasis, a lake fronting your property, or extensive community amenities?  If so, we will have a drone fly over your property and photograph these features which add value and make your home special to buyers.  

Gallery of Photography

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