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Home Design Trends for 2019

Connie Carlson

Connie's Resume & Experience Connie Carlson has consistently been one of the top REALTORS in Cobb County since she began selling residential real ...

Connie's Resume & Experience Connie Carlson has consistently been one of the top REALTORS in Cobb County since she began selling residential real ...

Jan 31 7 minutes read

Trends in home design for 2019 can be best be described as bold yet simplistic. Embracing these trends can give your home and outdoor living space a fresh, sophisticated look perfect for the new year. From a new coat of paint to more significant updates like new flooring, these trends are easy to achieve and can be an exciting new way to ring in the new year. Here are the top home decorating trends to look for in 2019!

Pairing Bright Colors with Warm Neutrals

Living Coral has been named the 2019 Pantone Color of the Year. This bold, bright, orange-pink hybrid is described as “an affable and animating shade whose golden undertone gives it a softer edge.” Because of the boldness of the shade, it’s best paired with warmer neutrals like gray or beige.

There are several ways to make use of this shade; from the addition of pillows and throws, to incorporating bolder coral-colored furniture, you are sure to brighten up the space. You can even embrace this shade outdoors by using it on your front door to create an energetic and inviting entry way.

As with any “in-trend” color, it’s best to use it sparingly.“ Color trends are typically a passing fad so inexpensive changes are the best approach,” suggests Pat Shankle, Owner, Master Stager, and Designer for Georgia Homes Staging Interiors.

Contrasting Kitchens

Stark white minimalistic kitchens won’t be as popular in 2019. Instead, expect to see more color contrast and visual diversity in addition to warmer tones.

Two-tone cabinets can add color diversity and help to shift the eye either down or up depending on the chosen contrast. HGTV recommends using the darker color on the bottom cabinets to “ground the bottom” and a darker tone on the top cabinets to “pull the ceiling down.”

Contrasting finishes can also compliment opposing colors. Mixing metals (no more than two or three) can create a sense of balance. Some popular options include gold/nickel mixed with oil rubbed bronze or aged iron accents or silver/pewter mixed with matte black.

Finally, it may be time to say goodbye to white subway tile and geometric backsplashes. In place of these trite trends will be boldly patterned backsplashes like Terrazzo or Moroccan patterns.

Textured and Natural Flooring

Expect to see fewer homes with the glossy dark-stained hardwoods this year. For wood flooring, it seems lighter, more natural shades are making a comeback along with various distressed types of flooring.

Lighter shades like “Blonde” and “Honey” are incredibly versatile and can make a room look bigger. Textured varietals like distressed, bleached and blanched woods, and fumed wood flooring create contrast and originality. This popular textured look can be achieved with wood or laminate.

Carpeting is also part of this flooring revolution and is trending towards changing textures. Carpet companies are now faced with advanced technology allowing them to create and offer new patterns, designs and incredible new features.

Concentrate on the Cozy

Cultivating the feeling of warmth and coziness in the home is a design trend especially popular during the cooler months, based on a popular concept in Danish culture called hygge (pronounced hoo-ga).

Hygge is a Danish and Norwegian word for “a mood of coziness and comfortable conviviality with feelings of wellness and contentment.” Decorating with a sense of hygge focuses on creating pleasure in the home, which can be quite inviting to guests as well.

To achieve this look, Shankle suggests layering with textiles. “Think of giving your home a hug with cozy sitting areas. For example, try layering your family room and bedroom with textured fabrics such as fleece or fur throws, wool rugs, and knitted pillows,” said Shankle. Hygge isn’t just a trendy design concept though, it can also mean taking out what you don't need and decorating with intention. This in and of itself can be a refreshing idea.

“Trend blending”

Since some trends can be passing fads, it’s perfectly acceptable to blend trends from one year to the next. For example, industrial farmhouse and mid-century modern are both popular trends right now. But, if the home is completely one way or the other, the look may become tiresome after a few years or deprived of personality.

Instead, mixing up design styles can give the home more character and make it more “you” with a timeless approach.  “My approach in design is to blend contemporary, custom, and vintage pieces to create a layered feel that tells a story and remains functional,” explains Shankle.  

Experts are recommending that instead of redecorating with every passing trend, find a color palate that compliments your style while keeping the more permanent features like walls and key furniture neutral and timeless.

What's Out

There are some trends that may be on their way out with 2018. Some of these include:

  • Cool gray walls
  • Overly designed rooms with only one style
  • Copper, or heavy accents of too much brass
  • Accent walls
  • Cherry cabinets
  • Rose gold
  • Too many graphic signs, farmhouse signs, or word art signs
  • Chevron pattern

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