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10 Things to Know About LIVING IN MARIETTA

Connie Carlson

Connie's Resume & Experience Connie Carlson has consistently been one of the top REALTORS in Cobb County since she began selling residential real ...

Connie's Resume & Experience Connie Carlson has consistently been one of the top REALTORS in Cobb County since she began selling residential real ...

Jun 2 11 minutes read

Choosing where to live and putting down some roots in the Atlanta area can feel a bit like standing in front of the counter at your neighborhood ice cream shop. Looking down through the cold glass display into the freezer case, your eyes are met with DOZENS of perfectly good choices. You could be just as happy with Rocky Road as you are with Praline Pecan! And let’s not forget about Salted Caramel! There’s really not a bad option in the mix. But, at the end of the day, we all have a favorite (mine’s chocolate, by the way). 

In the same manner, there are SO MANY great communities in the Atlanta area that it can be overwhelming to pick one. Today, I’m going to help you with any of that potential ‘decision fatigue’ or ‘information overload’ that you might be experiencing by telling you all about MY favorite town in Georgia.

1. Location

If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a million times. In real estate, it always comes down to LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION. And when it comes to location…Marietta’s got a good one!

Marietta is only 18 miles northwest of downtown Atlanta. In fact, because of its proximity to multiple interstate highways, you could leave Marietta Square and drive to downtown Atlanta in just 20 to 30 minutes. And the airport is just another 10 minutes farther! Not only that, but we also love being able to hop in our car and be at the beach in just five hours, the mountains in an hour, or even in Nashville in only four hours. There are so many great weekend getaway options here!

2. The Big Chicken

If you’re going to make a home somewhere, you need to be sure that you can speak the language of the locals. And here in Marietta, you’ll quickly discover that everyone is talking about ‘The Big Chicken.’ This KFC restaurant is used as a quirky but helpful navigational landmark. So if someone asks you where you live, you can simply say, "Oh, I'm five miles north of The Big Chicken."

3. Marietta Square - Shops and Restaurants

To get the pulse of this vibrant community, you’ll want to start your tour right in the heart of town, at Marietta Square, where ALL the action happens. This beautiful park is surrounded by amazing restaurants and wonderful shops. In fact, our favorite steakhouse, Mac’s Chophouse, is located on one corner while the historic Strand Theater, where we love to go to shows and concerts, is on the other corner.  Let’s not forget about the vibe-y tapas restaurant (Silla Del Toro) or the delicious Marietta Pizza Company or even the Marietta Local where you can get your hands on the world’s BEST fried chicken sandwich! There are also plenty of shops and fun antique stores and boutique clothing stores all mixed in between.

Both Zillow and Yelp recently recognized Marietta as one of America's Most Affordable Suburbs. It made the top 10 list and was considered the most affordable, with a ‘city feel.’ They've based that not only on the cost of living here but also on the popularity of our restaurants and the entertainment that we have. And ALL of that starts right in the square! 

4. Marietta Culture on the Square

Speaking of the Square, it IS a great place to hang out daily but did you know that it also hosts a variety of festivals and markets throughout the year? There’s the Taste of Marietta, the 4th of July fireworks, and the Marietta Street Fest! 

Every single Saturday morning, the Marietta Farmer's Market sets up shop and the square transforms, filling up with fresh, local produce, artisan crafts, and cut flowers. 

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention the CONCERTS on the Square! On the last Friday of the month, between April and October, the city hosts a big concert right in the middle of the Square. We always bring our lawn chairs and pack a cooler full of good food and some cocktails. We love to spend the evening hanging out with our friends while we're listening to big bands playing everything from Harry Connick Jr. to The Devil Went Down to Georgia!

There's also a vibrant arts community here, too! Whether you want to stroll through the historic Marietta Art Museum, take in a show at the Strand Theater, or watch a play at one of the numerous community theaters that we have around here, there is ALWAYS something new to check out. In the summer, Marietta hosts the monthly Art Walk on the first Friday of every month. Local art galleries open up their doors and people stroll through the streets, catching up with each other while sipping wine and enjoying beautiful art.

While we're on the subject of art, let's talk about the BIGGEST festival of the year here in the Square: Chalktoberfest! In October, hundreds of artists from around the world come together using sidewalk chalk and fill these streets with artwork. Over a hundred thousand people come to see this HUGE and popular annual event.

5. Marietta Historic Districts

Marietta Square has been the hub of The Gem City since the early 1800s when it was the central location for agricultural trade. Obviously, it’s come a long way since then, but the historic feel of the area still remains. Few people realize, but Marietta was actually founded before the City of Atlanta was. It was established in 1834 and it quickly became a thriving town, thanks in part to the Western and Atlanta Railroad that ran from Atlanta to Chattanooga. During the summer of 1864, forces under General Sherman moved in and occupied this town. Federal troops pillaged by day and ravaged by night for five long months. Then, in November of 1864, the Union soldiers ran through the town setting it on fire in their famous March to the Sea.

Thankfully, we have numerous historic homes and buildings still standing in Marietta, including five historic districts that pay homage to the community's devotion to honoring this path.

6. Atlanta Braves Baseball

Welcome to Atlanta Braves country! Whether you are cheering for or against the Braves, baseball is a big deal in Marietta! Although Truist Park is technically located in the City of Atlanta, it is situated right on the edge of Marietta and close enough to make getting to a game both quick AND easy. Plus, there are always fun activities, delicious food, and some good bar hopping to check out at The Battery, especially on game days!

7. Schools and Colleges

Marietta's first-class education system provides various educational opportunities at all levels, including several colleges and vocational schools. The city has its own school system that's separate from the Cobb County School system. There are seven elementary schools, one sixth grade academy, and one middle school that all feed into Marietta High School. And, as a single high school town, Marietta Blue Devil pride runs DEEP!

Kennesaw State University is located just a few miles north of here in Kennesaw, Georgia. KSU is now the largest four-year state university in Georgia with over 41,000 students enrolled. Life University, which is the largest chiropractic school in the world, is also located right here in Marietta.

8. Climate

When my husband, Dan, and I moved here from Chicago in 1994 we were looking for a warmer climate. What we didn’t realize is how much MORE we would get, along with those comfortable temps!

We are OBSESSED with the four distinct seasons that we have here in Marietta!

The winters are really very mild. Temperatures range from about 30 to 60 degrees. And unlike the national average of 27 inches of snow a year, we only average about 1.7 inches. In fact, there are a lot of winters where we don't see snow at all!

Spring is my favorite season! I love the blooming progression from when the daffodils first poke out of the ground in late February, to the cherry blossom trees in March, and then the full bloom of the dogwoods and the azaleas in mid-April. Speaking of April, one thing I didn't realize when I moved here was how much rain we get. We average 53 inches of rain a year!

Now I'm not going to lie, the summers in Marietta can get HOT and they're really long. It’s not uncommon for us to go weeks where the temperature reaches over 90 degrees in August and September! BUT if you can just make it through the summer you always have that glorious fall to enjoy!

One of the reasons that Marietta is so beautiful is because of the lush vegetation and the abundance of trees that we have everywhere. All of that rich foliage comes out in its FULL glory during the fall! You have to see it to believe it! Not only is it incredibly picturesque but we also have very comfortable temperatures in the 60s and the 70s, well into the beginning of December.

9. Affordable Housing

Marietta's spot in the top 10 of that Zillow survey that I mentioned earlier is LARGELY due to the affordable housing that can be found here. The average home price is right at $475,000 right now. 

There is a wide range of housing options to choose from in Marietta. We have historic homes and bungalows near the square, new construction communities (such as Meeting Park), big subdivision communities with spacious two and three-story homes, as well as townhomes, condos, and even some active adult communities! You can check out what is currently available for Sale in Marietta by clicking below

Latest Marietta Sales Price Information 

10. The Best Part of Living in Marietta: Southern Hospitality 

Naturally, I had to save the very best for last! 

In my opinion, the most rewarding part of living in Marietta has to be the southern hospitality! You see, I grew up on a dairy farm in a small Iowa town called Dyersville and I knew that I wanted to raise my family in a community with similar values. I wanted a place where my kids felt safe and welcomed and included. To our extreme delight, we found that HERE! Even though Marietta has a population of 61,000 people I am always running into friends and neighbors when I'm out and about. Everyone is so friendly and there really is an overwhelming spirit of community and hospitality in Marietta which is something you just don’t find everywhere. There truly is something special about this place.

So whether you’re a Mint Chip fan or a double scoop of Cookies and Cream kinda girl, I just KNOW that you’ll LOVE the sweet life here in Marietta, Georgia. Whenever you’re ready to DIG INTO that home search process, please contact me!

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